Pastoral Care & Communication

Our school exists for the children and there is a strong pastoral care system.

The Pastoral Lead has overall responsibility for the pupils in their Year group.

Pastoral Lead for Years 6 & 7

Mr A Collins

Pastoral Lead for Years 8 & 9

Mr G Lyons

Pastoral Lead for Years 10&11

Mrs R Butler

Form Tutors are responsible for helping children settle in and make a smooth start to life at the College. They meet with their groups on a daily basis. This provides them with time to closely monitor every child’s progress and welfare. 

This time is used for prayer and reflection, advising students on how to get the most out of their learning and to promote the wider social skills needed to be happy and successful in life. The school's PSHE programme is also taught through tutor time.


Communication with Parents

It is important that we maintain good communication links during your child’s time at Savio.

  • Please telephone school before 9.30am if your child will be absent
  • Please send a written explanation of your child’s absence when he/she returns to school

It is essential that we always have updated information about:

  • A change of family address
  • A change of telephone number
  • A change of emergency contact numbers
  • Names of parents/legal guardians

If there are any changes to this information the school office must be informed in writing.