Mr M Clarke (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs J Norbury (Curriculum Lead for Mathematics)

Mrs E Fielding

Mrs D Wailes (Second in Department & Numeracy Coordinator)



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Subject Overview

All students will follow the new National Curriculum for Mathematics from Year 7 through to the end of Year 11, where all students should leave school with a GCSE in Mathematics. In addition, Mathematics is promoted throughout the curriculum at Savio Salesian College, with opportunities embedded for students to practice and master their understanding of Mathematics in different contexts.


Key Stage 3 Overview (Years 7-8)

Pupils receive a minimum of 7 hours of Mathematics lessons per fortnight, and are set by ability. As of March 2017, all pupils in Key Stage 3 follow the White Rose Scheme of Work, which fully promotes and embeds mathematical mastery, reasoning and problem solving. The tables below show the topics covered at each stage during Years 7 and 8:


The content and skills of each unit are assessed throughout the school year. Pupils are taught using a variety of methods, and contextualised learning is embedded into our curriculum.


Key Stage 4 Overview (Years 9-11)


Pupils receive a minimum of 8 hours of Mathematics lessons per fortnight, and are again set by ability. Pupils in Key Stage 4 are now working towards a new Mathematics GCSE framework, with the first exams for this specification to be sat in June 2017. The new GCSE framework has been designed to help pupils to “master” their understanding of Mathematics, and apply their skills in many different contexts.


You can find a copy of the new GCSE Mathematics objectives by clicking the link below:


GCSE grades in Mathematics will now range from Grade 1 to Grade 9, instead of G-A*. The diagram below shows how these grades compare to the old A* to G grading system:


The curriculum breakdown for Key Stage 4 is as follows. Please note that timings are advisory, and more/less time may be spent on each topic, dependant on pupil’s confidence with each topic:


Topics to be covered

Transformations in 2D plane Grade 4

Transformation of curves Grade 7/8

Construction and Loci Grade

Growth & Decay Grade 5

Ratio Grade 6

Similarity & Congruence Grade 6


Useful Websites

The Mathematics Department have subscriptions to the following web sites (students can get login details from their Maths teacher):

In addition, pupils can also access the following sites without needing a login: