Mr D Talbot (Curriculum Lead for Physical Performance)

Mrs R Butler (Pastoral Lead for Years 10 & 11)

Mrs C Murphy 


Key Stage 3 Overview (Years 7 - 9)

During Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils will develop skills and apply them to a range of different sporting activities. They will also learn how to coach and officiate in sports to enhance their knowledge and understanding of each activity. Our curriculum in Key Stage 3 includes Football, Basketball, Netball, Athletics, Rounders, Softball, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Health Related Fitness, Orienteering, Handball, Badminton, Dance and Gymnastics. 


Key Stage 4 Overview (Years 10 - 11)

Key Stage 4 Core PE

During Years 10 and 11 pupils have the opportunity to specialise their skills within selected activities. The emphasis for each pupil generally involves three areas in which they may choose to develop. These include games-based activities where they are required to develop and demonstrate their skills and tactical knowledge, fitness-based activities where pupils are required to develop their fitness over a period of time through circuit, weight and aerobic training methods and racket/striking and fielding activities where the focus for pupils is to enhance co-ordination and outwit their opponents.



KS4 Academic Courses


Year 11 Girls

OCR GCSE Physical Education

Pupils are given the option of studying PE at GCSE level and they must have strong academic and practical ability to succeed in this qualification. The Year 11 female pupils are currently following the OCR GCSE PE examination programme. All GCSE PE pupils will have five lessons over the two-week timetable, three of which are theory-based lessons and two are practical lessons. The theory course focuses on developing knowledge and understanding of different components of fitness, methods of training, diet, injury, the ethical issue's regarding performance- enhancing drugs, data analysis, anatomy and physiology and factors that affect participation within sport. Pupils will also plan and participate in their own action plan with regards to strengths / areas for development within one sport and evaluate their level of fitness and its implications for performance.


The practical side of the course builds upon the foundation knowledge acquired in Key Stage 3 and develops the level of performance that pupils have within each sport. The sports on offer are the same as those within the Key Stage 3 curriculum although pupils will now be required to demonstrate more advanced levels of fitness, technical ability and tactical awareness.  The pupils will then take practical examinations in their three strongest sports towards the end of Year 11 before sitting two final theory-based examinations in the Summer. 


Year 11 Boys

NCFE Level 2 Health & Fitness

An alternative qualification in sport offered by the college is the NCFE Level 2 qualification in Health and Fitness. During this qualification, pupils will study various aspects of sport over four modules, one of which is an externally assessed two hour assignment that must be completed and passed under examination conditions. The modules are centred on theoretical concepts that enhance sporting performance such as training methods, nutrition and the psychological development of sport performance. Each module has several assignment tasks that must be successfully passed although unlike the GCSE PE syllabus, the actual sporting performance of the pupil is not assessed during this qualification. 


Year 10 Boys & Girls

WJEC Sport & Sports Coaching

This is a new qualification that our current Year 10 pupils are studying. It consists of three  units, one of which is an external exam which makes up 40% of the overall qualification whilst the other two units are internally assessed and make up 30% each of the pupils overall grade. There is a mixture of practically based lessons and theoretically based lessons on this course which covers analysis of personal performance (technical, physical and psychological), the development of coaching ability and anatomy and physiology. Once again, as with other qualifications there are several assignment tasks that must be completed as well as participation in all of the practically based activities in order for the final qualification to be awarded to the pupil. 


Extra-Curricular Programme

Savio Salesian College has an inclusive extra-curricular programme that is designed to offer pupils of all abilities to access different sports outside of the classroom. We are competitive in many Sefton and Merseyside competitions as well as our annual National Salesian Schools Athletics Championships meeting that takes place in either London or the North West. Some of most famous sporting pupils include Jamie Carragher and the current England Ladies International footballer Alex Greenwood whilst our most current major sporting success came during this year when our Y9 Football Team won the Sefton Cup in 2016.