Mrs J Matthews (Curriculum Lead for Science)
   Mr A Collins (Pastoral Lead for Year 6 & 7)
   Mrs M Mohammed
   Mrs A Reilly
   Mrs B Sherry (Technician)

Subject Overview

Our aim is to provide an exciting and challenging curriculum for all of our students enabling them to achieve the very best academic attainment and progress.  Our lessons aim to challenge pupils to become independent, effective learners. Pupils are regularly given complex problem solving activities which require pupils to work collectively and to communicate with each other scientifically.  Pupils regularly analyse and evaluate their work and reflect upon ways to further improve to achieve or surpass their academic targets.


Key Stage 3 Overview (Years 7-9)

  • Combined Science curriculum
  • 3-year Key Stage 3 Science programme covering all scientific elements; Chemistry, Physics and Biology
  • 6 examinations each year



Key Stage 4 Overview (Years 10-11)

Year 10 - AQA GCSE  Combined Science Trilogy

  • Course is a combined GCSE qualification leading to  2 GCSE grades.
  • Linear qualification.
  • 6 terminal examinations. (100% overall mark).
  • No coursework.


Year 11 - AQA GCSE Core and  Additional Science


  • Course comprises of 2 separate GCSE qualifications.
  • Linear qualification.
  • Pupils study 3 scientific units for each separate GCSE covering all scientific elements; Chemistry, Physics and Biology. 
  • Terminal examinations for each academic unit. (75% overall mark)
  • ISA coursework component (25% overall mark)



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