News: Year 9 Learn-2-Earn Day (16th June 2017)

Our Year 9 students have been busy thinking about their earning potential in the future. They have analysed their needs and their wants, costed it up and realised that if they are to achieve their aspirational lifestyle, there needs to be a lot of hard work and effort.


During the course of the "Learn 2 Earn Day" morning, our students attended several workshops which were led by staff from Young Enterprise, and ably supported by several representatives from Investec. We are most grateful for their time and believe that their presence has had a very positive impact upon our students. Investec is a global finance business that provides products, investments and guidance which was an unknown career to most of our staff and students.


We really appreciate all the support and both our staff and students have finished the day with plenty to think about so we can make informed decisions about our future .