Merit System

At Savio Salesian College, we like to acknowledge all of the positive things that students do. To do this, teachers look to give merits to students in every lesson they teach, for a variety of reasons that include:

  • Outstanding work
  • Excellent contribution
  • Excellent effort
  • Excellent homework
  • Excellent test results
  • Improved behaviour
  • Good concentration
  • Helping others

When a student receives a merit, they should pass it to their Form Tutor so that they can help celebrate success with the student. The merit slips are then deposited at Student Services where they are recorded. At the end of every term, all the merits go into a Prize Draw where students in every year group have the opportunity to win vouchers that can be spent at many high street shops.

In addition to rewarding students for their positive attitudes to learning, the merit system also helps Savio Salesian College raise money for charity, as every merit received by Student Services will result in a donation being made to the Salesian Mission in India.