English Competition & Workshop!
There are many exciting times ahead for our wonderful, hardworking, and creative students here at Savio Salesian College!
Currently, the school is running yet again another marvellous writing competition for all the students here at Savio! After showing their ingenious and gifted skills from the last two competitions, it would be absolute shame to miss out on the opportunity for our students' work to be published nationwide for the third time running! Super thumbs up to all our talented young writers!
On Tuesday 15th March thirty of our most eager and budding young writers in year 7 will be completing a workshop with The New York Time's "most upcoming coloured writer" Taran Matharu. 
On Wednesday 23rd March year 7 will be taking part in a fantastic and exhilarating Macbeth workshop to help enrich and bring to life all the hard work they have been completing during this term. 
On Friday 25th March, on National Slavery Day itself,  year 8 will be getting the extraordinary opportunity to delve deeper into the roots of Liverpool's black history through a trip to the Slavery Museum where the students will be receiving a very exceptional and gripping tour. Following this, students will be asked to either write a creative piece or a poem to reflect on the impacts of slavery; giving them the chance to win a £10 voucher.