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Mr S Gettings (SENDCO)

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Pupils may be referred to the Learning Support Unit for a variety of reasons:

  • They may have difficulties in class,
  • There may be problems outside of school which affect their work, attendance and behaviour in school,
  • They may have English as an additional language,
  • They may need access to additional support,
  • They may be referred for additional help with Reading and Mathematics.

In addition, the LSU is open for pupils who need support at break and lunch time, even if it just for a chat and/or a quiet place to go. 

Most pupils attend the LSU on a part-time basis for a period of six weeks. During this time they will cover the same work as the rest of their class but they will receive more support as the groups are very small. They will also look at ways of handling situations which are causing them problems, for example anger management or improving self-esteem.

Targets will be set for each young person. Staff and parents will all work together to help them achieve their targets. 

When the LSU staff feel that the young person is ready they will return to class with the support of the LSU Assistant. This support will gradually be withdrawn as the young person settles back into class. On some occasions a return to the LSU may be necessary. 

Parents can support their child by keeping in contact with the school, praising their child’s efforts to succeed and by encouraging them to talk about school. It is important that parents and teachers work together. 

For any queries or additional information, please contact Mr Gettings at school.


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