Duke of Edinburgh Award

At Savio Salesian College, pupils are offered the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. This Award not only gives pupils navigation skills required to complete walking expeditions; but also tries to build confidence and foster independance through a variety of different activities.

Year 9 pupils will be given the chance to complete their Bronze award which consists of map reading skills, route planning, nutrition and camp craft training before completing a two day practice expedition and then a two day qualifying expedition.

For year 10 pupils, the Silver Award is available consisting of a very similar process. However the students will be required to complete three day expeditions.


While students complete their Awards, the will have to complete three independant sections to be completed and evidenced outside of school. The three sections are: Physical - Showing how pupils keep themselves fit with regular exercise; Skill - where pupils need to show a new skill they have developed; and finally Volunteering - where pupils need to volunteer their own time to help their community in some way.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a challenging but rewarding course that strengthens pupil's will and looks fantastic on a C.V.

Click here to view the Photo Gallery of Year 9's Taster Trek around Formby on Saturday 1st October 2016.

You can find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at their official website www.dofe.org