Mrs C Murphy (Curriculum Lead for PSHE)

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PSHE Curriculum Outline

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is intended to support pupils’ learning and personal development as well as their social, moral and spiritual development. Evidence shows that well delivered PSHE has a positive impact upon pupil outcomes.

Personal, social, health and economic education is a planned programme to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities. Our effective PSHE education is intended to help equip our students with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthily, safely, productively and responsibly prepared for life and work in modern Britain.

PSHE Overview

The aim of the curriculum is to build students confidence, equipped to make good decisions, engage with society and become proactive citizens positively contributing towards society. 

There are three main strands to the PSHE that permeate throughout the curriculum with these core themes being:


Health & Well Being which looks at how the students manage transition, develop their understanding of how to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing including sexual health, enables the students to make informed decisions about drugs, alcohol and tobacco, how to access support and advice and cope with basic elements of first aid. 

Living in the Wider World educates students about about rights and responsibilities as members of diverse communities, as active citizens and participants in the local and national economy, helps them to develop their employability skills, develop their understanding about personal and business financial management. 

Relationships enables children and young people to learn, develop and practise skills that allow relationships to form, function, grow, and – if necessary – end, positively. It helps them gain confidence in communicating effectively both off- and online, within different relationships. Developing interpersonal skills enables them to become more effective in social situations, raising their awareness and effectiveness as a member of their own and wider communities.


The PSHE curriculum is further enhanced through the delivery of assemblies, workshops etc.. from outside agencies and representatives as the curriculum is aimed at increasing their awareness of life beyond the classroom and the world in which they live. At Savio Salesian College we value and appreciate that each student is unique and wish to further develop their character and resilience through a well delivered PSHE curriculum.

Enrichment Opportunities

The PSHE curriculum is further enhanced through the delivery of assemblies and workshops from outside agencies to provide an alternative voice to increase the pupils’ awareness of life beyond the classroom. At Savio Salesian College we recognise that each student is unique and wish to further develop their character and resilience through a well delivered PSHE curriculum. Quality assurance of the curriculum and resources is regularly conducted utilising PSHE Association recommended tools to ensure that there is consistency in delivery and scrutiny of work.

Savio Salesian College aims to promote the personal development of our students by providing them with access to a range of opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to develop their talents and interests in a variety of forums. Whilst ensuring that the Gospel and Salesian values underpin all interactions and curriculum.


Key Stage 3 Overview

At Key Stage 3, pupils build on the skills, attitudes, values, knowledge and understanding they have acquired and developed during the primary phase. PSHE education acknowledges and addresses the changes that learners are experiencing, beginning with transition to secondary school, the challenges of adolescence and their increasing independence. It teaches the skills which will equip them for the opportunities and challenges of life. Pupils are encouraged to manage diverse relationships and the increasing influence of peers and the media. PSHE education allows them to be more confident in addressing the challenges of effective learning and making a full and active contribution to society.


Year 7

Believing in me

Approaching Adolescence


Enterprise Challenge


British Values

Year 8

Healthy Lifestyles

1st Aid

Multicultural & Diverse Society

Managing Personal Finances

Do I know where I’m going to?

Peer v Family influences

Year 9

Addictions & health

Managing Changes

Me & the Law

Life skills

Body Image

Sexual Health

Key Stage 4 Overview

At Key Stage 4, pupils extend and rehearse the skills, further explore attitudes and values, and deepen knowledge and understanding acquired during Key Stage 3. PSHE education reflects the fact that learners are moving towards an independent role in adult life, taking on greater responsibility for themselves and others. By Key Stage 4 increasing numbers of pupils may be gaining direct experience of issues taught through PSHE education leading to greater depth of response and insightfulness.

Year 10

Building Your CV


Respect in Relationships

Responsibilities of Adulthood

Protecting Self

Managing Mental, Social & Emotional Health

Year 11



Personal Safety

The choices we make and their consequences



Assessment and Impact

Ipsative assessment compares where a student is at the end of a lesson or series of lessons against where they were before the lesson(s). So the benchmark against which progress is measured is the student’s own starting point, not the performance of others or the requirements of an exam syllabus. Baseline assessments and formative assessments are included in each module to allow reflection on the acquisition of knowledge and understanding to ensure that the students are able to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Feedback from all stakeholders is often sought to help refine and develop the PSHE curriculum recognising that isn’t just about the immediate impact but the preparation for life.


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