NOW Festival

NOW Festival

Tuesday 30th January


Savio Salesian College students performed before an audience and the Sefton Mayor in the Merseyside NOW Festival at the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool.


The NOW festival is a young people's arts festival that enables young people to create a 10-15 minute piece of drama, dance, film or music about mental health and the NOW theme. This year’s theme is 'My Education, My Mental Health'.


Our thanks go to Annie, Brian, Josh and Charlotte from SPACE based at the Brunswick Youth Centre, Bootle who worked closely with the students to produce some thought provoking pieces. The evening was a resounding success and the students really enjoyed the opportunity. Mrs Carey, Brother Mirek, Mr Costello and Miss Bousfield supported the students in their performances.



Music Group

Drama Group

O. Glover

E. Jones

A. Robinson

K. Smith

M. Browne

A. Evans

J. McGough-Sheils

H. Lyons



We have composed a piece of music consisting of three parts. It is about a boy named Jimbo who is bullied and struggles at school but comes home to play his guitar which soothes him and helps him control his anger.

There are a variety of instruments in our composition as we have tried to include the different specialities within our talented group of musicians. The music traverses a range of moods to reflect the ever changing life of Jimbo.

‘Breaking Point’

Society has become obsessed with image which has led to people being overwhelmed with the pressure to conform to certain body types .Children from an early age are suffering in silence.

Our play tells the story of Harry a young boy who’s aspiring to achieve the ’perfect’ body and in the process develops an eating disorder.