College Bus Service

The following designated bus services are available for travel to and from Savio Salesian College. Please Note that these timetables are accurate as of September 2020.


Please Note -  PeoplesBus have changed the times to the 692 morning bus service. These come into effect starting from Monday 7th June. Please click here to view the new times.


Please click here to view our Bus Routes for 2020 - 2021

Please Remember:

  • Provision of bus services depends on good behaviour which is well managed by the great majority of Savio pupils;
  • When using any form of public transport whilst in school uniform, pupils are representing Savio Salesian College and should behave appropriately;
  • Pupils who prove to be either a nuisance or a danger on the way to or from school threaten the provision of these services.  To safeguard the services for others, any pupil who fails to behave properly on these journeys will be BARRED from using college buses AND may be subject to further school discipline as a result.  The school will not rule out the issuing of fixed penalty notices to anyone who causes serious and wilful damage.