Centre Assessed Grades 2020

GCSE Centre Assessed Grades appeals process (Summer 2020)

Ofqual has announced that GCSE, AS and A-level students will now receive Centre Assessment Grades if they’re higher than their calculated grades. As a result, information on this page may no longer apply. We’ll update this page as soon as we can.


Grounds For Appeal

Centre assessed grades can only be appealed if the school has shown bias in awarding grades or has not followed their stated system for deciding grades.Should you wish to obtain more information about the process as to how the College arrived at centre assessed grades please click here.



Appeals Process

Step 1:

If you wish to request further information about one of your subject CAG grades and how the department arrived at your grade then use the subject assessed grade enquiry form below:

Subject Centre Assessed Grade Enquiry Form

To keep a structure to our appeals process we ask that you do not contact your individual subject teacher directly.Subject teachers have been asked not to discuss how their department decided on individual grades – all students seeking further information about their grade should go through the appeals process.

Step 2

If you are not satisfied that the process has been followed correctly, then following the information being received back from the department you may appeal your grades.

A candidate can:

  • ask their centre to appeal on their behalf to an awarding body if there is evidence that leads a candidate to believe:
    • The centre made a mistake when submitting a centre assessment grade or rank order information
    • An awarding body made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade

  • Appeal against the centres decision not to seek any information the awarding body holds that would be needed for an appeal; and/or not to appeal to the awarding body

A candidate cannot:

  • Appeal against their centre assessment grades and position in the rank order
  • Appeal in respect of the process or procedure used by Savio Salesian College in calculating their centre assessed grades and position in the rank order

Following receipt of the information from the subject department should you wish to continue with a complaint/internal appeal please use the form below:

Complaint/Internal Appeal Form


Ofqual guidance

Ofqual has provided the following student guidance information: