Performing Arts

Mission Statement:

The Savio Salesian College Performing Arts Department is a stimulating and vibrant department, which works to develop an imaginative, creative and disciplined approach to Drama and Music. Performing Arts not only enriches knowledge and understanding of a variety of playwrights and theatre practitioners, musicians and styles, but also develops the emotional intelligence of our students, producing well-rounded individuals. The practical activities in Drama and Music help to develop our young people into more empathetic, courageous and confident individuals which will support them in today’s ever changing society. Students gain a knowledge and understanding of Drama and Music as an Art form, yet also develop skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, time management, organisation, creativity and self-discipline – all of which will assist students in a variety of career paths. Consequently, Drama is delivered to all students in Year 7, 8 and 9 weekly, and as an Option in Year 9 for their KS4 study in Year 10 and 11 with the AQA GCSE in Drama. Music is delivered to all our pupils at KS3 Year 7, 8 and 9 on a fortnightly basis.


Drama Key Stage 3 Overview (Years 7-9)

Year 7

Darkwood Manor


Masks and Commedia Dell’Arte

Fairy tales

Romeo and Juliet

Physical theatre


Year 8

Our Day out

Gang Culture

Bill’s New frock and Gender Identity

Live Theatre review


Theatre in Education


Year 9

Blood Brothers

Let Him ‘Ave It

I Love You Mum I Promise I won’t Die


Technical Theatre Unit


Key Stage 4 Overview (Years 10-11)


In Years 10 and 11, pupils follow the AQA GCSE Drama specification. The subject content for GCSE Drama is divided into three components-

Understanding drama

Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre

Study of one set play from a choice of six

Analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers

How it's assessed

Written exam: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Open book

80 marks

40% of GCSE



Section A: multiple choice (4 marks)

Section B: four questions on a given extract from the set play chosen (44 marks)

Section C: one question (from a choice) on the work of theatre makers in a single live theatre production (32 marks)

In the practical components students may specialise in performing, lighting, sound, set, costume and/or puppets.


Component 2: Developing Devised Drama

Process of creating devised drama

Performance of devised drama (students may contribute as performer or designer)

Analysis and evaluation of own work

How it's assessed

Devising log (60 marks)

Devised performance (20 marks)

80 marks in total

40% of GCSE


Component 3: Texts in practice (practical)

Performance of two extracts from one play (students may contribute as performer or designer)

Free choice of play but it must contrast with the set play chosen for Component 1

How it's assessed

Performance of Extract 1 (20 marks) and Extract 2 (20 marks)

40 marks in total

20% of GCSE


Music Key Stage 3 Overview (Years 7-9)

Year 7

The Elements of Music

Body Percussion

The Beatles


Year 8

Music in Film

African Drumming-The Djembe

Music of the World


Year 9


Performing Arts Enrichment (DRAMA)

KS3 and KS4 Drama Club: Year 7-10 Drama students are invited to attend Drama Club, which runs during the Autumn to Christmas. The students explore additional drama Skills to further their curriculum learning and work on scripts as a solo performer, duologue performer or group.


GCSE Drama students are provided with the opportunity to develop skills for both performance and written examination purposes. They can rehearse and develop performance skills for practical performance examinations in one to one sessions and group sessions when working on scripts during lunch times and after school. This is booked in with the drama team.

Theatre visits: The Drama Department strives to provide opportunities for students to have theatre enrichment experiences throughout their school journey. This may involve Theatre Visits and Workshops, as well as opportunities to be involved with the Whole School Production. Previous, present and future opportunities have included:

· Whole school production-Hairspray. All year group. Summer 2019

· Bullying workshop/performance-SPACE. Year 7-9.

· Theatre Visit to Woman in Black. Year 10 GCSE. January 2020.

· The NOW Festival-SPACE March 2020.

· Holocaust performance. SPACE. January 2020.

· Beauty and the Beast whole school production-. Summer 2020 (on hold due to Covid-19)

2021 opportunities may include a theatre visit to see Blood Brothers, a London’s West End residential and more.


Performing Arts Enrichment (MUSIC)

. Guitar club

. Peripatetic lessons for singing and keyboard

. Choir


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Our Online Showcase 2021


Since we have returned to school, following the most recent Covid-19 Lockdown, our students have been hard at work in Performing Arts.
We have put together an 'Online Showcase' of our students and their fantastic work.