NCSC Cyber Security For Schools


On this page, we have a selection of Practical resources from the National Cyber Security Centre website,, to help schools improve their cyber security.

Exercise in a Box

An online tool which helps organisations find out how resilient they are to cyber attacks and practise their response in a safe environment. Please click here to access the exercise.

10 Steps to Cyber Security

Guidance on how organisations can protect themselves in cyberspace, including the 10 steps to cyber security. Please click here to access the 10 Steps.

Helping School Staff to work Safely Online

Download and print your own set of cyber security “practical tips” for schools. Please click here to access the pracitcal tips.

Video Conferencing Services: Using Them Securely

How to set up and use video conferencing services, such as Zoom and Skype, safely and securely. Please click here to access the information on Video Conferencing Services.

Cyber Security in Schools: Questions for Governors & Trustees

Questions for the governing body and trustees to ask school leaders, to help improve a school's understanding of its cyber security risks. Please click here to view the questions.