Summer School

Summer School 2021

Thanks to over £30,000 of DFE funding, we were able to offer our current, and incoming, Year 7 students a fortnight’s Summer School.

The aim was to readdress the balance between academic, wellbeing and enriching our student’s life experiences. The programme was carefully planned with literacy catch up sessions, exploration on the History of Liverpool, numeracy programmes and much more.

Students were able to solve a crime scene which involved a car wreck and vital pieces of evidence which were forensically examined in the Science laboratory. Coinciding with the Tokyo Olympics, the students learnt Japanese and aspects of their culture. Sessions on coding and robotics proved extremely popular with the students as well as the opportunity to ‘clown around‘ in Performing Arts.

Everton in the Community led sessions around team building and problem solving. The students were divided into teams, asked to overcome challenges testing their resilience and determination to succeed.

Applying the knowledge learnt about their own city saw the students head off-site for a tour of their city, informing them of the wealth of history and culture on their doorstep. This information was further embedded when they stopped off at the Museum of Liverpool looking at the evolution of society, transport and the history of Liverpool.

Rounding off each week saw the students head over to ‘The Crocky Trail‘ in Cheshire, where they spent all day laughing, falling in mud, supporting each other on an adventure of adrenaline drenched fun, scrambling through trees swinging over the Crocky stream and being flushed down their rides. A fantastic day was had by all who participated and it was a great way to round off a fantastic summer school.