Powering Transformation Edge Hill University Event
Challenging, stimulating and making a difference was the experience of our Year 7 and 8 students who attended the ‘Powering Transformation’ event hosted by Edge Hill University and facilitated by Catherine O’Neill from The Talent Foundry.
The students were given an insight into how technology is changing the way things operate in the world today and there are constantly new horizons for the use of robotics, apps drones etc.
This meant that the children were challenged to find a solution that technology may solve to erase global problems in the world today. All the students rose to the challenge with the judges being blown away by the suggestions presented. There was the expansion of robots to help eradicate child slavery or the creation of an app to assist in the ending of racism. There were no limits to the students’ creativity and the evidence of higher order thinking was inspirational.
The students were able to tour the University campus visiting different aspects as well as being let loose in the Geo Science labs. The students were really inspired by their experience and appreciated the support of the representative of Dell. Who knows what the future holds but we know that with the way these students were focussed it will be a much better place!
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