LSTM Antibiotic Apocalypse

Ten of our Year 10 students were selected to attend a scientific event at LSTM accompanied by Mrs Shiels and Miss McKelvie.

The students participated in a workshop entitled ‘Antibiotic Apocalypse.’ Antibiotic Apocalypse is a scenario where the students will find themselves in the year 2040, a time where there are only 100,000 stocks of effective antibiotics left. The students need to decide who will access the remaining stocks. They were split into two groups and within these groups choose which community groups to represent including farmers/veterinarians, patient groups, healthy individuals, and politicians.

They worked with Professor Dame Sally Davies to centre discussion around social aspects of these decisions. Whilst the others worked with Dr Adam Roberts to centre discussion on the science behind these decisions. The students came up with some really strong suggestions and the opportunity to apply their scientific, knowledge to a practical problem was very beneficial. Thank you to Everton in the Community for creating this opportunity.


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